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This is a

one of a kind company.

Kapstone Academics is a partnership of professionals who have been in Admissions and Academic Consulting since 2006. We are here to help students achieve their goals and make their career dreams a reality. We are helping the business leaders of tomorrow achieve success today.

Mission Statement

Every day Kapstone works to find and emphasize our student's super-strengths to incorporate them in the learning approach to get them further than they thought possible. Kapstone tutors work towards providing that 'Eureka moment' that marks real, tangible learning. We work to create these moments, over and over again, until mastery is achieved. 

Meet the Team

Lead Tutor

Billingual: English | French

Rotman MBA Graduate (Dean’s list)

750 GMAT Score

(GRE eq: 168Q, 166V)

CFA Lv 1, 2 & 3

Phil Fabry
a headshot photo of Phil Fabry
Phil is head of operations at Kapstone. He helps to better understand students needs/goals and share our tutoring process, and initial bookings. He enjoys speaking with students and ensures they are having a pleasant and successful time with Kapstone.
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