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Online Tutor

Our tutors can work with you anywhere in the world. By using Zoom or Skype we can help students from every part of the world. Our tutors are multi-lingual and speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. 

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How Kapstone works virtually

We work with students from all over the world. We use software such as Skype and Zoom to connect via video chat with our students. We also provide recordings after every class so that important points can be revisited. We will also send digital notes for the student to review. 

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What Subjects We Teach Virtually

Kapstone Tutors are multilingual

In order to work at Kapstone Academics we only work with tutors who can speak at least two languages. Some of the languages our tutors speak include: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. 

How Kapstone  Tutors are different

Kapstone consultants aren’t just chosen based on grades, we look for someone with, communication skills, empathy, but most importantly, we look for someone who has struggled to learn: you read that right. 


If you’ve struggled to learn then you’ll recognize that same struggle within the student, and can identify the learning gaps more easily. You’re also more approachable, and stand as a reminder that if you can succeed, so can they

From there, they are trained to possess a firm, but vibrant, grasp on the subject matter so they can keep the student’s focus on the task at hand, when learning

Do you want to work online with Kapstone

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