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40 hour course

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We are one of the best GMAT prep courses in Toronto

Prep courses are a great way to get you started on your MBA journey. There are several GMAT prep courses in Toronto, but if you are looking to take the GMAT and get your target score on the first try, then Kapstone Academics is your best choice for ensuring success.


Not only have our instructors completed their MBA’s, they also regularly take the GMAT exam all year long to ensure their GMAT score stays in the high 700’s.  And, after teaching hundreds of students, we have a solution for every learning style. Our small courses feels similar to getting private tutoring.

How does a Kapstone Academics Course Work?


Our class focus is on degrees of knowledge:


First, we work through the difficult concepts. Second, we put these concepts to use through tactical mastery questions. Third, we prepare for the test using our rigorous mock schedule. 

All emphasis is on the intuition. By the end of the 40 hours, you won’t just know what to do, you’ll know why you’re doing it.


We don’t just teach you the material, we show you how to problem-solve so you can pass the GMAT with flying colours. Studying for the GMAT requires learning a new skill but come test day you will feel prepared.


We are going to teach you how to fish.

Why you should study with Kapstone

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We operate in smaller class sizes to not only ensure every student understands the concepts being taught, but also allow each student the opportunity to attack problems and obtain individual feedback. Our maximum class size is 8, our average is usually 4. 





We record each class so you can reference it later when you are studying. We split the video up so you can jump ahead to the section you are struggling with. 





Take the class as many times as you like over the next year. 





We have workings lunches, and provide meals as well as coffee and tea for you to have throughout the day. 




Our instructors are professionally trained. They have worked with other global test prep providers and have tutored students for over a decade. They’re also pros at taking the GMAT and consistently score in the mid-700’s. We think they are awesome, and our alumni agree! 

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Who is the Toronto instructor?



Ali is a veteran Admissions Consultant with a 750 GMAT score. He has been teaching business students since 2006. He has a MBA from Rotman at the University of Toronto. He has been trained at, and has worked for two major test prep institutions, Kaplan and Oxford Seminars, and has taught hundreds of satisfied students in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. He has helped students get into Ivy League and top European MBA programs.

What previous students think

"My tutor was awesome! He's very interactive and tries to engage you as much as possible. He really helps you to think logically about each question. He's energetic and makes the material easier to understand and get through. (Most useful: Strategies on how to tackle critical reasoning, SC+ CR)"

Natalie V.

"He is always encouraging and maintains a wonderfully positive energy throughout the session. My tutor always makes himself available for followup questions, I always received email replies quickly."

Arslan T

"He was very professional and truly cared about what my end goal was and on how to get me there as efficiently as possible. In a short while, I was feeling much more confident with the material and found that his methods of teaching were far better than any other experiences I had had."

Nina S

"My tutor was very thorough with his explanations and didn't move on until you really understood the fundamentals being taught in the Quant section of the GMAT. He used great real life examples which made the learning process that much easier. My tutor was also very approachable and helpful"

Mel B

Don't wait to start a GMAT Course, we offer rolling admission

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Plus a bonus. When you purchase our exam prep course you will receive an hour of consultation to review your business school application. Kapstone also specializes in MBA applications.

GMAT Course Near Me

Our classes are held in a private meeting room conveniently located at 1 The Esplanade in Toronto.  A 5 minute walk from the Union Station, or a 5 minute drive to the Gardiner express way.  We are in the heart of the city, giving you easy convenient access to our classes.

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