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GMAT Tutor

the Kapstone Way

Are you still up on your High School Math? How about English classes? Not 100%? The official entrance exam of the MBA is the GMAT, and it’s a serious test! Its fundamentals are rooted in High School material, but the test goes beyond that and throws concepts at you that you’ve probably never seen before.

What We Offer

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Kapstone’s very own diagnostic of your GMAT knowledge in order to customize your lesson plan.
You get a personalized study plan and a highly experienced tutor to help you every step of the way.
Even if you cannot meet in person, our lessons and teaching style are perfectly portable to the Skype Platform.
All the classes are recorded so that you can go back and reference them when you study.

GMAT Topics Kapstone Teaches

Analytical Writing
gmat analytical writing icon
Integrated Reasonging
gmat integrated reasoning icon
Critical Reasoning
gmat critical reasoning icon
Problem Solving
Reading Comprehension
gma problem solving icon
gmat reading comprehension icon
Sentence Correction
gmat sentence correction icon
Data Sufficiency
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How Kapstone is different from others

Kapstone consultants aren’t just chosen based on grades, we look for someone with, communication skills, empathy, but most importantly, we look for someone who has struggled to learn: you read that right. 


If you’ve struggled to learn then you’ll recognize that same struggle within the student, and can identify the learning gaps more easily. You’re also more approachable, and stand as a reminder that if you can succeed, so can they. From there, they are trained to possess a firm, but vibrant, grasp on the subject matter so they can keep the student’s focus on the task at hand, when learning

Meet your GMAT Instructor

Ali is a veteran Admissions Consultant with a 750 GMAT score. He has been teaching since 2006, a Rotman MBA, and a career in banking and consulting. He has been trained at, and has worked for two major test prep institutions, and has taught hundreds of satisfied students in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. He has helped students get into Ivy League and top European MBA programs.



Kapstone's GMAT tutoring Testimonials

"My tutor was is personable and quite knowledgeable about the GMAT. As a tutor, my tutor immediately made me feel comfortable, and unlike other tutors, like I could ask him virtually anything about math without being judged. I developed a confidence in my mathematics that I've never seen before. My tutor tuned into my particular learning style and helped me understand math with both visual and verbal cues. I also found that my tutor was accessible and flexible with his time periods."

Lindsay B.

Kapstone GMAT Student

My Kapstone tutor was an amazing person. Easy to get along with and a great teacher. I would not have been properly prepared for the GMAT without him and the resources from Kapstone. Would 100% recommend to anyone who needs to beef up some skills before an entrance exam.

Zach Fiskel

Kapstone GMAT Student

Fantastic teacher with a lot of GMAT experience. Teaches well in "ninja moves" with students and making sure they understand the concept. I enjoy his pace and teaching methods very much.

Tim Law

Kapstone GMAT Student

My tutor's support was instrumental in helping me get past the GMAT. He taught me methods for tackling quant problems in an efficient manner that allowed me to beat the clock. Definitely get his one-on-one help if you’re struggling with the quant section of the GMAT.

Dale B. 

Kapstone GMAT Student

I worked with my tutor for my GMAT exam and he was amazing. He was a great tutor and very patient, taught me how to break down hard questions which was essential in getting a good score, and explained how to solve problems in an easy effective manner. My experience was great. I highly recommend it for anyone who feels like they need some extra help.

Heidi Naeni

Kapstone GMAT Student

GMAT Questions?

If you have questions about the GMAT test we have created a GMT FAQ

Do you want Kapstone to help your score?

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