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Earn top of the class marks studying with Kapstone

Kapstone can help you with MBA courses that you are struggling to succeed in. Our tutors have specializations in finance and accounting. We know how challenging school can be and create custom study plans to help

What We Can Do For You

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Kapstone’s very own diagnostic of your GRE knowledge l in order to customize your lesson plan.
You get a personalized study plan and a highly experienced tutor to help you every step of the way.
Even if you cannot meet in person, our lessons and teaching style are perfectly portable to the Skype Platform.
All the classes are recorded so that you can go back and reference them when you study.

MBA Classes Kapstone Teaches

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Management Accounting
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How Kapstone is different from others

Kapstone consultants aren’t just chosen based on grades, we look for someone with, communication skills, empathy, but most importantly, we look for someone who has struggled to learn: you read that right. 
If you’ve struggled to learn then you’ll recognize that same struggle within the student, and can identify the learning gaps more easily. You’re also more approachable, and stand as a reminder that if you can succeed, so can they. From there, they are trained to possess a firm, but vibrant, grasp on the subject matter so they can keep the student’s focus on the task at hand, when learning

Kapstone's MBA tutoring Testimonials

I hired my tutor during my MBA studies when I thought I might fail corporate finance! My tutor made complex concepts that I spent hours and hours on simple and easy to understand in a single session. His teaching style meets visual and audio learning styles. The fact that he creates study resources with you as you go is invaluable. I not only passed corporate finance with his help, I ended up with an A minus! I referred about 10 other people to  my tutor and they all agreed he is amazing. As for his pay for what you get! In single sessions I learned more from him that multiple sessions with other tutors. Worth every penny. Thanks so much for your help!

Angela H 
Kapstone MBA Student


"My tutor was a great teacher. His command of the MBA curriculum, coupled with his professional experience, allows him to break down complex material into accessible concepts. Plus, he's non-judgmental and hilarious, so working with my tutor doesn't really feel like work at all. Highly recommended!"

Abbey N.
Kapstone MBA Student

My tutor is an outstanding tutor! In less than an hour he broke down corporate finance concepts for me that hours with a prof, text and study guide had failed to achieve. He has a gift for quickly spotting exactly where MBA students are stumbling on concepts and providing concise explanations that unlock them. I highly recommend Kapstone!

Peter Fenton

Kapstone MBA Student

How can Kapstone help with MBA classes?

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