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What students think of  Kapstone Academics

Kapstone has had the pleasure of teaching students from all over North America. To date we have taught over a thousand students from different walks of life who want to pass the GMAT, do better in their MBA course or beat the CFA. 


Student Testimonials

"I decided to get a tutor for my GMAT after completing the Oxford GMAT prep course. At the time I realized that I had a lot of 're-learning' to do and felt a tutor was my best option. Being that I was referred to my tutor through Oxford, I found him very easy to connect with and was comfortable working with him immediately. In fact, he was able to identify my weaknesses and provided me with strategies to solve the problems. We focused mainly on the quantitative section. I was extremely please with the experience I had working with my tutor and would recommend his service to future GMAT students."

Elaine G.

Kapstone GMAT Student

"Coupled with my tutor's unique ability to identify weaknesses and offer strategies to achieve admissions goals, he really cares about his clients and is a blast to work with. Not only did my tutor take my GMAT score from a 30th percentile to an 80th percentile by motivating me to to stay dedicated and providing me with the tools to succeed, he also prepared me for the interview and application process which got me into my dream school. I'd recommend him to anyone considering an MBA or other graduate program. He's one of the elite consultant out there."

Stefan Fernando

Kapstone GMAT Student

My Kapstone tutor was an amazing person. Easy to get along with and a great teacher. I would not have been properly prepared for the GMAT without him and the resources from Kapstone. Would 100% recommend to anyone who needs to beef up some skills before an entrance exam.

Zach Fiskel

Kapstone GMAT Student

"I had my tutor as my tutor for 3 months. Above all, Ali setup a detailed study schedule for me from the get-go and worked with me closely on debriefing mock exams and question sets. Moreover, he is extremely patient and was brilliant at understanding the root causes of my mistakes. He used easy to understand methodologies to explain complex concepts. Furthermore, he paid close attention to my exam writing habits and recommended adjustments accordingly. After 3 months of intensive part-time training, I was successful in my first GMAT attempt and received an offer from one of the top 2 MBA programs in Canada. I highly recommend Ali to anyone who wants to make an instant improvement to their GMAT score."

Brian W.

Kapstone GMAT Student

"Not only was my tutor very professional and truly cared about what my end goal was, he was able to get me there as efficiently as possible. I was feeling much more confident with the material and found that his methods were far better than any other experiences I had had such as quick weekend seminars and 'learn-it-yourself' books. More over, my tutor taught me how to think like the exam creators and how to tackle through questions. My GMAT score improved by 150 points from the initial score I received. Finally, we worked together on my resume format to land my current position as a Commercial Finance Controller at a large international corporation."

Nina S.

Kapstone GMAT Student

"Once I reached out to my tutor and Kapstone Academic, I was in need of GMAT prep and had very little time to do so. Not only did my tutor create a custom plant to get my test taking abilities up to par, but he did so with a schedule to accommodate my tight timeline and demanding work schedule. For one thing, his patience, organization and know-how made a lot of concept and questions easy to understand. Happy to say that I was accepted to my desired business school - only needing to take the exam once!"

Lena S.

Kapstone GMAT Student

Fantastic teacher with a lot of GMAT experience. Teaches well in "ninja moves" with students and making sure they understand the concept. I enjoy his pace and teaching methods very much.

Tim Law

Kapstone GMAT Student

My tutor's support was instrumental in helping me get past the GMAT. He taught me methods for tackling quant problems in an efficient manner that allowed me to beat the clock. Definitely get his one-on-one help if you’re struggling with the quant section of the GMAT.

Dale B.

Kapstone GMAT Student

I worked with my tutor for my GMAT exam and he was amazing. He was a great tutor and very patient, taught me how to break down hard questions which was essential in getting a good score, and explained how to solve problems in an easy effective manner. My experience was great. I highly recommend it for anyone who feels like they need some extra help.

Heidi Naeini

Kapstone GMAT Student

I was tutored for the GMAT - particularly the quant section. His simple and easy going approach helped me learn the math basics I needed to tackle the quant section. His teaching style is great and he definitely knows his stuff!

Maia Doytcheva

Kapstone GMAT Student

My tutor is an excellent and patient teacher who is committed to seeing his students succeed. His ability to pinpoint exactly where students are struggling and clearly guide them through those concepts is second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my tutor and would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking GMAT tutoring or MBA admissions prep. Thank you!

MBA Prep
Kapstone MBA Prep Student

Great insight to the application process. My tutor was a pro at walking me through the business school interview process and it was clear that he knew his stuff. Definitely recommend to those who are looking to nail that application.

Simon Sheung

Kapstone MBA Prep Student
MBA Student

Having worked with my tutor for over two years, I can attest to how valuable an experience it was. His ability to understand my professional goals and then develop a 'curriculum' to help me achieve them was done with complete expertise and attention to detail. He effectively managed our time and made sure I was prepared for each new challenge as they approached. He has mastered the subjects he teaches on and was able to combine his knack for teaching with a custom approach to help the material make sense to me in a fundamental way. I would highly urge anyone considering his service to take the first step.

Ryan Hixon

Kapstone MBA Student

My tutois an outstanding tutor! In less than an hour he broke down corporate finance concepts for me that hours with a prof, text and study guide had failed to achieve. He has a gift for quickly spotting exactly where MBA students are stumbling on concepts and providing concise explanations that unlock them. I highly recommend Kapstone!

Peter Fenton

Kapstone MBA Student

I go to U of T and I was tutored through many of the tough Economics courses. He is very knowledgeable and explains concepts well. Definitely would recommend 👍 .

Sean S.

Kapstone MBA Student

My tutor was excellent to work with ahead of my CFA level 1 exam. He was incredibly knowledgeable and was great to work with. He did an excellent job of helping me figure out what is important to understand vs what I can spend less time on. Overall a great experience and I'd highly recommend.


Adam Szypula

Kapstone CFA Student
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