How hard is the GMAT?

Depends on your target score. If you're aiming for a top school, a score of 720 is usually good enough to satisfy the GMAT requirements, but it's also 95%ile, meaning you have to be top 5 of 100 to get it. How easy that is for you depends on your typical test performance.

How long is the GMAT?

In 2018, the GMAC decided to decrease the GMAT down to 3 hours and 7 minutes. The quantitative and verbal reasoning sections are now shorter. The analytical writing assesment and integrated reasoning sections of the GMAT are still included in the test. You still get to take your two 8 minute breaks as well.

How long to study for the GMAT?

Depends! depends on your current level, the speed at which you learn and progress, and the target score you have. 2-3 months is a good time frame to prepare, but the hours you spend on it depend on the above factors.

GMAT Price?

The GMAT Exam costs $250 USD. If you decide you want any of the following here are the following costs. Enhanced Score Report $30 USD Additional Score Report $35 each Cancel score (online after you leave the test center) $25 USD Reinstate score $50 USD AWA Essay Rescoring $45 USD

GMAT Test Dates?

The GMAT can be written year round. Unlike the CFA where one must write their Level I in either December or June with everyone else, there is no set time when you have to write the GMAT, .

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