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GMAT Montreal

GMAT Exam Dates Montreal

Unlike some other entrance tests, the GMAT test can be written year round. There is no deadline for writing the test you simply need to book a time at a test centre when you feel confident and ready. However, test takers should probably have at least 3 months of study time under their belt or roughly 250 to 300 hours. 

How to Register for the GMAT

When you are ready to write the test go to the Graduate Management Admissions Council website and register for the GMAT. 

GMAT Test Centre in Montreal

Here is where the GMAT test centre is in Montreal. There is only one testing location in the downtown core. 

GMAT Tutor Montreal

Work with Kapstone Academics in Montreal to improve your GMAT score

Kapstone Academics offers services to Montreal residents who need assistance with the GMAT test. Working with a private tutor can take away the frustrations of studying by yourself using the books and online videos. 

Both of the founders of Kapstone Academics grew up in Montreal and are fluent in both French and English. Kapstone's lead tutor, David del Burgo did his Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering at McGill University. David has 10 years of teaching experience around the admissions testing.

We offer both GMAT classes as well as private one-on-one tutoring sessions. 

Kapstone can tutor in French

All of Kapstone Academics tutors are bilingual. Since Montreal is a bilingual city we can tutor GMAT topics to you in French or English. Many tutoring companies do not offer this. 

Kapstone tutors virtually

Kapstone works with softwares such as Skype and Zoom to connect with our students all over the world. We screen record lessons so that students can go back over material after the lesson has ended. To date, Kapstone has worked with students in 22 different countries. 

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