CFA Questions

What is a CFA?

A CFA is a chartered financial analyst. The CFA institute is the accredidation group that distributes the CFA exams and ensures that test takers meet the requirements before they can officially deem themselves chartered financial analyst

How do I become a CFA?

In order to become a CFA, you must pass three levels of examinations beginning with Level 1.

How long does it take to become a CFA?

That really depends on the speed you want to go at. You need to pace yourself since there are 3 exams. The CFA institute suggests studying 300 hours per test. A safe bet is anywhere from 2 to 3 years.

When can I write the CFA?

You can write the CFA every June at a testing center near where you live. The tests are in English only. If you are writing the CFA Level 1 there is also a December test date.

What is on the CFA exam?

The CFA Level 1 exam is a 240 multiple choice exam that covers the basics understanding of finance and financial investment tools. The CFA Level II is focused on doing complex analysis of assets and securities.

How much does a CFA make?

While it can vary, according to the CFA Institute, a CFA typically makes a median salary of $180,000 USD.

How much is the CFA Exam?

The exam in June costs the following: Early registration fee: $700 (ends 2 October 2019) Standard registration fee $1,000 (ends 12 February 2020) Late registration fee $1,450 (ends 11 March 2020)

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