GMAT Fact of Fiction

GMAT Fact of Fiction

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

1. If you have gotten several “medium” questions right, you will tend to get a mix of harder questions. If it seems you are getting one difficult question after another, that’s a good sign for your score. Fact or Fiction?


2. The first question is super-important. Fact or Fiction?

Fiction! Evidence suggests that, the first question is no more or less important than any other question.

3. Fact or Fiction: “If I suddenly get a very easy question, it means I got the last question wrong.”

Fiction! First, it may seem easy to you, while not being objectively easy, but (1) it’s hard to tell just how well you’re doing and (2) any attempts to analyze this will likely distract you from getting your best possible score. More to the point, the CAT algorithm is doing several things at once, so no conclusion can be drawn from a single question. 

4. Fact or Fiction: Not finishing all the questions in a section hurts your score.


Last one…

5. Fact or Fiction: “You can out-think the CAT.”

Fiction! Don’t stress about it, the algorithm is extremely complex to be thinking about how you did, or why you are receiving certain questions. Just focus on doing your best for every question, submit it, take a deep breathe, and move on to the next question.


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